About Us

 Dama is a noun for Queen in the Croatian language. Natalie was inspired to create her jewellery line when she visited Croatia for the first time in 2019. Her father was born there before migrating to Australia.

Dama B Jewellery is an up and coming brand, the collections are small and boutique. 
Natalie has always had a love for jewellery. Each piece is individually designed and created by Natalie herself. 
Created for those who love unique and individual pieces to represent their own style and flare.
Dama B style is simple yet stylish and can be worn with  jeans and a singlet to add an effortless hint of glamour or dress it up with a cocktail dress and get ready to dazzle on the dance floor.
Whatever the occasion Dama B has you covered.
Finished in premium plating and quality stones.